What you
should know about us

We were founded on our ability, readiness and willingness to satisfy our clients ...

JON-BARUCH NIGERIA LIMITED is a company founded on our ability, readiness and willingness to satisfy our client both as individuals, private entity, corporate world, investors and the world at large by delivering a world class business ethics and proffering solutions to the world’s notable challenges by considering availability or potential availability of resources to meet needs, offer choices, make wants affordable; where there is scarcity, alternatives are improvised, opportunity cost are considered also by placing value on products, Goods and services we offer, starting from an individual’s need to a family, group of persons, a village, a community/society/company to company, a city, a country/countries and the World Economic Growth.

In our readiness to satisfy our clients, we listen and pay attention tounderstand our client’s needs and demand from the tiniestdetail to the inevitable of an individual, private entity, corporate world, investors and the world at large; Thereby making you our clients our Topmost priority in ensuring continuous ways to improve on our products, Goods and Services. We establish, develop and maintain relationships with our clients and potential clients, we handle complaints and issue resolution that satisfy our client’s needs either in servicing, production, distribution, making products available, client’s proposed/proposal to invest, investment choices in any of our services; Real Estate, Oil and Gas, Agriculture, Transportation, Tele-Communication, Power supply, Fashion as General contractor.



JON-BARUCH NIGERIA LIMITED was founded and is dully registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Incorporated under the Companies and Allied Matters Act 1990 as a Limited Liability Company with RC 1440675 on 26th September, 2017. Jon-Baruch Nigeria Limited is a diversified company which renders a tailored service to her client based on transparency, simplicity and trust worthiness to enable our clients deal effectively be it; Acquiring for self or as an Investor, in an economy and a world that is constantly revolving where needs/want is constantly on the increase.

Through our experts and experienced personnel’s, we proffer solution and ensure that every individual both low and high income earners, Private/Corporate entities and the world at large needs are met through the services we render in the following sector: Real Estate, Oil and Gas, Agriculture and as a General Contractor (Construction, Transportation, Power Supply, Tele-communication, Supply). In future;



We invest in the future, innovation and we are dedicated to create sustainable value. we aim to achieve and cover more ground than what we have built on by identifying opportunity to improve and create other means through which we can do things differently for a different positive result by turning our disadvantages into advantages which is acceptable to the world for a reliable service, continuous growth with a continuous focus on enhancing the growth and profitability of our companies with our operating model together with a great appetite to expand our company.

We believe in a common set of goals to proffer solution and strong leadership that is not afraid of taking risks, setting priorities and communicating them to ensure that every individual (Low income earners and high income earners), private/corporate entities and the World needs are met. As the global economy becomes better, we are confident that we will continue to pinpoint opportunities to build strong businesses. We continue to see a strong pipeline of investment opportunities across our focus area industries.

(Both in the current financial year and those following it, JON-BARUCH will strive to be a leading player within the Nigerian Investment space, through continually challenging the status quo to create paradigm shifts.)

Our capabilities and sources of value that are scarce and cannot easily be replicated by competitors.